What is Local SEO

Learn About Local SEO! Several methods are used to improve the referencing of a digital platform on search engines. All companies that are present on the web have the obligation to optimize their referencing, because it is the only alternative to be more visible on the web. But, with the creation of thousands of websites each year, it is more difficult to improve the positioning of your website. So, some platforms are turning to local SEO . What are the advantages ?

What is Local SEO?

By local referencing, we mean all the actions that lead to the best positioning of your website in the results of search engines at the local level. Its particularity is that all the strategies used have the sole purpose of improving the visibility of your platform by targeting customers in a specific geographical area.

Why opt for local SEO?

As it has already been said above, the main objective of choosing a local SEO is to make known the services/benefits of a company to a well-defined clientele. When an Internet user searches for information on a product, he is much more interested in those who are close to him. This is why Google increasingly favors local investment. In particular, it makes it possible to attract new customers and retain old ones .

As a further advantage, local SEO encourages Internet users to make many more acquisitions. So if you have an e-commerce, then your sales will definitely increase. When an Internet user comes to do local searches in Google, it is because he is looking for a particular product that he wants to buy. What he simply lacks is finding the store or company that is able to offer him the best quality of the product he is looking for. Promoting your site locally will therefore increase the popularity of your site and your income .

How to start your local SEO well?

Google uses an algorithm based on several factors, kept secret, to offer Internet users the best possible search result. Even if no one really knows the entire algorithm, there are still some leads and some rules for implementing a quality SEO strategy. It is based on several points. We could quote you the optimization of the source code of your web pages or the production of quality content. The goal is always the same: to get more traffic to your site.

To improve its positions, many tests were necessary to decipher a tiny part of the algorithm used by search engines. That’s why, before you throw yourself headlong into natural referencing for your website, we strongly advise you to read this guide to getting started in SEO and thus, have the right keys to achieve it.

You will know, for example, how to obtain quality links on your site or why the expression “mobile first” corresponds. You will save a lot of time and get much better results. You will then just have to apply these rules to your local SEO, which, rest assured, is easier to obtain than a national SEO for the same keyword.

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